Reviewing Inappropriate User Reports

Any player can report another player's text message in the Chat area or photo/video/text submission in the Feed area as being inappropriate or offensive. All players also have the ability to block that content on their side.

Once reported, Admins will see the report appear in this list for them to review and take action:

  1. Open the side menu to access the [Admin] area.
  2. Open the Admin area's side menu to tap on [Reports].
  3. Then name of the player being reported will appear in yellow.
  4. If it's a text chat entry, you can see the exact text message was that reported.
  5. If it's a photo or video feed entry, you will see a url to the exact photo or video that was reported. Long hold the link, then select and copy/paste into your preferred browser to see the content.
  6. If you decide that the content is okay to continue to show to everyone, you can either leave the report in the list as a record or tap the [Trash] icon to delete the report from the list.
  7. If you decide that the content is offensive, tap on the [Block] circle icon with a slash through it to block all chat messages and feed entries from this user. This will hide their content in the event for everyone, so no one will be able to see anything they post. They will still appear on the leaderboard as "[blocked]" and be able to complete challenges to earn points.
  8. If you decide that the player should be permanently removed and blocked from the event completely, please reach out to an Eventzee Admin and we will assist you.