Downloading Media

  1. Open the side menu to access the [Admin] area.
  2. Tap on the [User Media] tab.
  3. You should see all of the submitted photos and videos in a grid, with the most recent submission in the top-left corner. The photos are ordered sequentially from left-to-right, top-to-bottom.
    • Each section shows a thumbnail of the submission, with the challenge title and date submitted overlaid on the bottom.
  4. Tap on a thumbnail to view in full view.
  5. A new window should open with the following information:
    1. Challenge title
    2. Challenge description
    3. User-submitted content: photo or video
    4. [DOWNLOAD] button
    5. Submission timestamp
    6. Submitter username
  6. If using the Web App, click [DOWNLOAD] and the file will be downloaded to your computer with a filename in the format "CHALLENGE TITLE - SUBMITTER USERNAME - SUBMISSION TIMESTAMP".
  7. If using the Mobile app, tap and hold the image to save to your device or tap [DOWNLOAD] to open the image in a browser. Then tap and hold to save the image from there or copy/paste the URL link.

Filter Media by Username

  1. Tap the search bar at the top.
  2. Enter a username to only display submissions by that player
    • The full username must be entered before it will display any results.
    • To look up usernames, view the [Player] list in the side menu.