How to Join a Team

Depending on how the event was set up, once you've joined the event, you will see 1 of 2 screens:

If you see the screen on the left, you'll need to either type in or scan a code to join a team.

If you see the screen on the right, you have the option of creating your own team, or joining one that already exists (and still has room for new members).

If you'd like to join an existing team, simply tap on the green [+] button to the right to send a join request. You can only have 1 active join request at a time, so if you change your mind about a team, tap the red [x] button to cancel your request. 

If you have push notifications enabled for the app, you will be notified if you are accepted into or rejected by a Team Manager.

You will be able to see the challenges once you've joined a team, but you will not be able to start until your team has met the required number of players, as you can see in the example below:

How to Create a Team

Once you tap [Create New Team], you'll be taken to the screen below:

Simply type in a Name, Description, and upload a 500x500 Logo Image for your team (or any square logo under 1024x1024), then tap [+ Create Team].

  • NOTE: all 3 fields are required, and can only be edited by an Admin after you've created the team, so choose wisely!

You will see a confirmation popup letting you know that you will be assigned the role of Team Manager for your team.

How to Manage a Team

In the bottom bar, tap [Event]. Then in the top bar, tap [Team].

Team Managers have the following abilities:

  • Invite players to join the team
  • Cancel invites to join the team
  • Accept join requests
  • Reject join requests
  • Promote team members to Team Manager role
    • NOTE: once a team member is promoted, only an Admin can demote.
  • Remove team members
    • NOTE: players can rejoin a team that they've been removed from, but their previous challenge data will be lost, which may affect the entire team's challenge completion status. Try to have your team finalized before you start working on the challenges, and only use this option as a last resort.

How to Complete Challenges

While challenges in Team Events function in much the same way as in regular events, there are 2 main differences to look out for:

  • The number of team members required to complete a challenge
    • None
    • All
    • A specific number
  • The scoring method
    • "all members" with all members required = uses the highest single score
    • "all members" with no member requirement = uses the sum of all scores
    • "best score" = like "all members" with all members required, uses the highest single score
    • "lowest N scores" = uses the sum of the lowest N scores

You can see this information at the bottom of each individual challenge screen, as shown below.

"all members" with no member requirement
"best score"
"lowest N scores"

While we recommend to all event hosts that they make the requirements and scoring clear in the challenge description, we hope this helps clear things up in the case that they don't.

A Note on the Social tab

There are 3 sections in the Social tab -- [Feed], [Team], and [Leaderboard].

The Feed section shows challenge submissions that have been approved by Admins from ALL players, along with their team name.

The Team section allows you to chat with other players on your team. You will only be able to chat with players on your team, unlike regular events, where the chat is open to all players.

The Leaderboard section shows you all the teams' scores and their corresponding positions on the leaderboard.