When you first join an event, it is important to have a strong wi-fi or data connection so that all the data for that event is downloaded and saved locally (to your device). You may even want to force-close and open the app a few more times and tap into all the challenges to make sure everything has downloaded.

That way, if you lose wi-fi or data connection later during that event, or if you'll need to head outside to a place where wi-fi or data is unavailable, Offline Mode will kick in. In this mode, you will still be able to view (due to having downloaded the entire event previously) AND complete MOST challenges (Eventzee should save most of your challenge submissions locally). Then, once you've re-established a wi-fi or data connection, the app will send that saved data to our servers so that everything is up-to-date.

This should keep you from having to repeat challenges too many times if you run into a connection issue. However, it has its limits, which are listed below (SPOILERS FOR OUR DEMO EVENT IN SCREENSHOTS BELOW -- if you haven't played it yet, download our app and type in Join Code "DEMO"!):

Images, Videos, or Audio in Challenge Details

Images, videos, or audio clips that have been uploaded to a challenge's details will most likely not be viewable in Offline Mode (exceptions may occur if you were viewing a challenge just as you lost connection). This is because many images, videos, and audio clips are memory-intensive, which is why we've chosen to link out to them (requiring an Internet connection) instead of having them save to your device. You will instead see a placeholder image signifying the broken link, like so:

Photo and Video Challenges

Unfortunately, you will not be able to submit photos and videos in Offline Mode. Any submission attempts will be met with a "Please try again!" popup. This is because photos and videos must be sent to our servers so that the event admins can review them, and this is impossible without an Internet connection. However, any photos or videos you take while in the app should still save them to your device's default Photo app. Once you re-establish your Internet connection, simply tap [Upload Photo] or [Upload Video], then tap [Library] to select the photo or video you would like to submit.

GPS Challenges

Similar to the first point listed above, you may find that any included maps will not display, as shown below:

However, the app will still be able to check your location if you tap the button! This is because the coordinates for the desired location will be saved to your device, so as long as your GPS is working it will be able to check against that. If you're not within range of the location, the app will tell you to try again. Otherwise, you'll see a Pending state. You can see examples below:

Once you re-establish your Internet connection, the GPS challenge should show any images, maps, and a Completed state as shown below:

All Other Challenge Types

All other challenge types (Quiz, Text, QR, Info) behave much the same way as they do out of Offline Mode! This is because the data is mostly text-based and thus would not take up too much space on your device. Here are some screenshots showing what happens when you get the wrong answer, the right answer, and once you re-establish your Internet connection for each of those types:

Quiz Challenges

*Please note that if a Quiz Challenge has a bonus timer, the bonus timer should immediately go down to 0 if a wrong answer is chosen -- this is so that players will not receive bonus points if they need multiple guesses. Timer changes may not be reflected on the screen, but they will be reflected in your points. For example, for the question shown in the screenshots above, since it is normally worth 5 points with 100 bonus points at stake, once you choose an incorrect answer, the max number of points you can get is 4 (no bonus points and a 1 point deduction for getting the answer wrong). Of course, if you choose the correct answer first, you'll get your bonus points as in the other two screenshots above (52 points = 5 base points + 47 bonus points).

Text Challenges

QR Challenges

Info Challenges

Info Challenges simply require you to read, so you can't get them wrong!