How to Find Challenges in Large Events

If the event you're participating in has a lot of challenges, it can be a struggle to find the one you want, especially if you're not doing them in the order that they appear.

For these cases, we recommend using the [Search] bar at the top!

There are 2 ways to search:

  1. Type in a keyword -- this will return a list of challenges that contain the word in the title or the description.
  2. Type in a challenge type -- this will return a list of challenges that are of that type. Here are the different types, for reference:
    1. "photo" = Photo challenges
    2. "video" = Video challenges
    3. "quiz" = Quiz challenges
    4. "write" = Text challenges
    5. "qr" = QR challenges
    6. "gps" = GPS challenges
    7. "info" = Info challenges

The search bar works for both the [Current] and [Completed] tabs -- so whether you've already completed the challenge or not, it should be easy to find!