1. Open the side menu to access the [Admin] area.
  2. By default, you should be taken to the [Review] tab. If not, tap on it!
    • A badge counter on the [Review] tab should display the number of challenges that need to be reviewed.
    • An icon will display next to each challenge to indicate whether it's a Photo, Video or Text Challenge.
  3. Click on a challenge submission.

Challenge Submission Content

  • Challenge title
  • Challenge description
  • User-submitted content of a photo, video or text
  • Submission timestamp
  • Option to show username
    • By default, we hide usernames to prevent bias when scoring submissions, but if the username must be known, you can tap on this button to reveal it.

Adjust Points

  • Use the slider or enter in a value on the right to adjust the points. Currently you cannot award more points than the current default maximum for each challenge type, but we are working on changing this to allow more flexibility!

Review Notes

  • (Optional) If you choose, you may send a note to the player about this challenge to make the requirements more clear or to send a compliment! If you approve the challenge, the note will appear in green. If you reject the challenge, the note will appear in red.

Approve or Reject the Challenge

  • Review the user-submitted content in relation to the other details provided. Is the content appropriate for other players to see? Does it meet the requirements provided in the challenge description?
    • If the answer to both is "Yes," tap [APPROVE]!
    • If the content somewhat meets the requirements, and you don't anticipate the user resubmitting content, lower the points that the user will receive before tapping [APPROVE].
    • Otherwise, tap [REJECT].
      • The user will be notified of any rejected submissions and they will have the opportunity to resubmit content